Terms and Conditions

  1. Mandurah FIFO Shuttles management, owners, employees or contractors take no responsibility for late arrivals at your destination due to Road Conditions, Incorrect information supplied while booking or vehicle break downs.

  2. For transfers to the airport, if you are not out front at the pickup time, your driver will send a text stating  “I’ve  arrived” and will only wait 2 minutes maximum past the booked pickup time, drivers will not knock on doors to find passengers.  We have to consider other passengers and run on time for them so please be ready to go at the pickup time given.

  3. We give very accurate pickup times  so  where possible please be out front where you can be seen by the driver as house numbers can be  difficult to find in the dark. we wouldn’t expect you to be standing by the road during inclement weather.

  4. Mandurah FIFO Shuttles  management, owners, employees or contractors take no responsibility for passengers who miss transfers due to not being at the pickup address on time as in clause 2 above.

  5. Payment is taken as you book online. Cash or eftpos is no longer accepted

  6. No Smoking or vaping is permitted under any circumstances during your transfer

  7. Your driver has the right to refuse to take a passenger  who is deemed to be overly intoxicated, is rude to the driver or any other passenger, is aggressive, discriminatory or has any form of Covid-19 symptoms.

  8. Bookings need to be made by 5.00pm the day prior. Late bookings cannot guarantee your transfer.

  9. Being a small family business and with limited resources we cannot guarantee that we can accept your booking, this is a rare occurrence as we have access to other parties and can arrange your transfer via a third party operator all of who are fully PTD, PTV licenced and insured.

  10. A penalty of 100% of the fare price  will apply to passengers who miss their booking or cancel after  5pm the evening prior to the booking. 

  11. For returns from the airport we will book more that one person if  required.  Be aware we have no control over late/early flights so on occasion if we have more than one passenger it could cause a longer delay.

  12. When booking ad hoc or other runs during the day, as you book you will enter a “arrival at airport” time. We will text you the evening before a pickup time. This may on occasions be earlier and  than required to get you to the airport at your chosen arrival time, this can occur if we have other passengers that require to be at the airport  earlier.

  13. If you book a return from airport and your flight runs late and is into the surcharge times, you will not be charged a surcharge as this is out of your control.

  14. If we have unforeseen circumstances such as breakdown, we will book Ubers for you at our expense. Please have your own Uber account as we can only book one Uber. If you book an Uber due to breakdown etc we will reimburse you the full cost plus any expenses incurred. 

  15. Please be sure you have everything you require as once we have picked you up we can not return to your address to collect forgotten items such as phones, wallets etc, as this will impact upon the arrival time for other passengers who could miss flights. we are happy to drop you at a safe place if you wish to make alternative arrangements

  16. as per clause 15, if we need to drop you at a safe location due to forgotten items, you will still be charged full fare.

  17. WE understand flights can be delayed which is out of your control. However if your flight is delayed please contact us on 0407 450 131 or reply to this email ASAP and keep us informed so we can re-plan yours and other passengers transfers. Failure to inform us can result in vehicles doing unnecessary travel which can result in a failure to notify fee, which we would prefer to avoid.

  18. A fee of $60 per hour can be applied if we are not notified of flight delays, causing unnecessary travel for drivers as per clause 19 above.
  19. If you require a tax invoice for tax purposes, be sure to inform us in the first instance an be sure to provide your email address. NOTE: We can not go back through records searching and sending previous invoices, it is your responsibility to notify us if you require one at the time of transfer