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Mandurah’s Waterfront Re-Development: A Vision for the Future

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At Mandurah FIFO Shuttles we have been asked on several occasion over the past few days, “what are they doing to the Eastern foreshore”. Well here is a brief outline of whats going on at Mandurah’s foreshore if you didn’t already know.

In 2018, our vibrant local community and dedicated stakeholders came together to set a clear vision for upgrading Mandurah’s City Centre. This extensive consultation laid the groundwork for the Waterfront project, a transformative initiative aiming to create an iconic foreshore precinct where we can all meet, play, and relax.

Bringing Life Back to Mandurah’s City Centre

The Waterfront project isn’t just about adding a few new features; it’s about revitalizing our beloved City Centre and breathing new life into it. By investing in this redevelopment, we’re aiming to boost local tourism and create jobs, which will ultimately support our long-term economic well-being. Imagine a bustling, vibrant hub that attracts visitors and locals alike, fostering a stronger sense of community and pride.

What’s in Store for Mandurah’s Foreshore

image showing the pool and upgrades that will occur

The plans for redevelopment are ambitious and full of promise. Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming:

  1. Western Foreshore Recreation Precinct: A dynamic space designed for fun and relaxation.
  2. Eastern Foreshore South Precinct: Already home to the beautiful Kwillena Gabi Pool, this area is set to become even more inviting.
  3. Eastern Foreshore North-Central Precinct: Another exciting part of the upgrade, focused on enhancing our northern foreshore.

Additionally, Smart Street Mall will undergo a transformation, turning it into a vibrant and welcoming pedestrian street. This will seamlessly connect the City Centre with the Waterfront, making it easier and more enjoyable to explore our lovely city on foot.

Progress So Far

artists impression of smart st mall

The project is already making headway. The first stage is complete, which includes:

Financial Backing

artists impression of the eastern foreshore

A project of this scale requires significant funding, and we’re fortunate to have strong financial backing:

  • The State Government has committed $10 million as part of its Plan for Peel.
  • The Federal Government has provided $7 million.
  • The City of Mandurah has contributed $5 million, specifically for the Smart Street Precinct.

Looking Ahead with Hope and Concern

artists impression eastern foreshore image 1

While there’s much to celebrate, we must also recognize the challenges. The construction has undoubtedly disrupted several local businesses. These businesses are the heart and soul of our community, and we sincerely hope they can weather this storm and thrive once the development is complete. The improved infrastructure and increased foot traffic should bring them new opportunities and success.

However, this leads us to a critical question about priorities. Is it excessive to spend so much on enhancing an area that’s already quite user-friendly? Some might argue that these funds could be better spent addressing more urgent issues, such as the lack of rental accommodation and the increasing number of people living rough. It’s a complex balance between fostering economic growth and ensuring we support our most vulnerable residents.

A Balanced Perspective

As we move forward with the Waterfront project, it’s essential to keep the conversation going. We must ensure that our investments not only beautify our city but also benefit all residents. By doing so, we can make Mandurah not just a more attractive place to visit, but a better place to live.

Let’s embrace this bold step towards a brighter future with thoughtful consideration and community support. Together, we can create a Mandurah that everyone can look forward to—a place that blends beauty, functionality, and compassion. Here’s to a future where our city flourishes, our businesses thrive, and our community feels more connected than ever.