Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

All the suburbs we cover can be found HERE

For all runs to the airport you will be sent a text message about 6pm the evening prior to you transfer which will have your pickup time. Runs during the day (not morning runs), you could be expected to be picked up, up to 1 hour earlier than what best suits yourself if we need to accommodate others who need to be at the airport earlier than yourself.

Our fixed times can be found HERE or in the booking section at the relevant run HERE

Mandurah FIFO Shuttles go to considerable effort to give accurate pickup times for trips to the airport, We have found that most of our regular customers are out front and ready to go as a result.

Mandurah FIFO Shuttles start early with the three morning runs and we finish at approximently 2.00pm Monday to Friday

Mandurah FIFO Shuttles operate Monday to Friday for FIFO operations and we can accommodate group bookings via request on weekends also. You will need to contact us via phone on 0407 450 131 for a quote.

Mandurah FIFO Shuttles pickup from the address you supply with the AREA’S we cover. In most cases this will be your home address. We ask that passengers be out front and ready to go no later than the time given to avoid delays for other passengers.

Mandurah FIFO Shuttles drop at all major and minor terminals as listed in the dropdown list as you book. We are also dropping at all the Covid-19 Testing tents as listed in the dropdown as you book.

Mandurah FIFO Shuttles only operate in the AREA’S listed. However we can and do offer pickups for people outside our area at designated points, EG: for people south of Dawesville we could pick you from Ampol Dawesville. 

Mandurah FIFO Shuttles can only cater for private group bookings on weekends to or from the airport and other venues. Our minimum weekend charge is $300. Please phone 0407 450 131

If you have an Andriod phone go HERE,  if you have an Apple device  go HERE

Most people have a case and/or a backpack. if you have excess luggage could you please enter the details in the “Additional Information” section when you book. we would hate to be in a situation at last minute not being able to accommodate excess luggage.

We can accommodate group bookings to the airport or other locations. You will need to contact us via telephone on 0407 450 131 for a quote.

Booking FAQs

You can book online HERE 24/7 up to 5pm the evening prior to your transfer day or 6pm if anything other tan the 3 morning runs.

Simply go to the bookings section HERE of the website and select the appropriate booking, fill in all fields, click the submit button and then check your email for a confirmation. You will also receive a manual confirmation via text which can in some instances take several hours

Mandurah FIFO Shuttles take bookings up to 5.00pm the evening prior to your transfer. However on busy days we are booked out so the earlier the better. If you have received late flight details after 5.00pm please call us on 0407 450 131 and we may be able to assist with an alternative>

If you book online HERE you will receive an auto response email. For trips to the airport you will  receive a text at approximately 6.00pm the evening prior to your transfer with your pickup time. For trips from the airport you will receive a text from the driver as you land to arrange pickup.

Absolutely and with no penalty if you do so prior to 5pm the evening prior to your transfer. If you cancel after 5.00pm payment of 100% is required. The exception from this is if you take ill or have Covid-19 symptoms.

If you are not out front and not contactable at your given pickup time you will unfortunately be left behind to avoid delays for others. you will be sent an invoice via text for 100% of fare price.

Payment FAQs

Mandurah FIFO Shuttles have recently moved to online payments. You now pay as you book through a secure and encrypted  Stripe payment gateway as you book. We have taken this step to avoid the need to worry about payment to the driver. Cash payments will no longer be accepted. We are working on a system for regular booked passengers, however in the interim you  will be sent an invoice the day prior to the transfer.

Some people require a tax invoice as they are able to make a taxation claim. As you book you will receive a receipt. If you require something more substantial please email us at and we will send you a tax invoice.

From all the AREA’S listed the cost is $70.00 per person for our three early morning fixed time runs. The rest of the day up to 2.00pm the cost is $80.00 per person.

Absolutely and with no penalty if you do so prior to 5pm the evening prior to your transfer. If you cancel after 5.00pm payment of 100% is required. The exception from this is if you take ill or have Covid-19 symptoms. Funds will be returned to your account within a few days.

Covid-19 FAQs

Mandurah FIFO Shuttles take the covid-19 virus very seriously. We have hand sanitiser in all vehicles and face masks if required. We also have QR check-in codes which is done manually daily. 

All drivers at Mandurah FIFO Shuttles are vaccinated as it is a mandatory requirement 

Yes we would appreciate you cancelling your booking if you are unwell. especially if you have any covid-19 symptoms.  Cancelling for these reasons at short notice will not incur any penalty.

All FIFO workers are tested on a regular basis. however during your R & R you may inadvertently visit a Covid-19 hotspot. please check prior to your transfer HERE to see if any areas are listed that you have visited. If you have visited a hotspot please cancel your booking and follow the health advice.

Mandurah FIFO Shuttles wipe all surfaces on a regular basis  with sanitary wipes