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The Giants of Mandurah: A Colossal Boost to the Local Economy

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Mandurah, Western Australia, has long been a destination for tourists seeking beautiful beaches, tranquil estuaries, and a relaxed lifestyle. Recently, the city has gained additional fame and economic prosperity through an unexpected yet enchanting addition: the Giants of Mandurah.

These impressive sculptures have not only become a cultural landmark but have also significantly boosted the local economy, injecting approximately $64 million into the community and attracting nearly 86,000 visitors from outside the region. These visitors have spent around 350,000 nights in Mandurah, making a substantial impact on the city’s tourism and hospitality sectors.

The Birth of the Mandurah Giants

The Giants of Mandurah is an outdoor art installation created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo. Known for his large-scale sculptures made from recycled materials, Dambo has crafted a series of giant wooden figures, that now reside in the natural landscapes around Mandurah. Each sculpture is unique, reflecting the local flora, fauna, and folklore, and inviting visitors to explore and connect with nature in a novel and imaginative way.

A Cultural and Economic Phenomenon

Since their installation, the Giants have quickly become a major attraction, drawing art enthusiasts, families, and adventurers alike. The allure of these sculptures lies not only in their artistic merit but also in their integration with the environment, creating a treasure hunt-like experience for visitors. This innovative approach to public art has led to a significant increase in tourism, translating into impressive economic benefits for the local community.

Economic Impact of the Mandurah Giants

  1. Tourism Surge: The Giants have attracted around 86,000 visitors from outside the region. This influx of tourists has provided a substantial boost to local businesses, including hotels, restaurants, shops, and tour operators.
  2. Increased Overnight Stays: Visitors have spent approximately 350,000 nights in Mandurah. This extended stay is indicative of the city’s ability to retain tourists, encouraging them to explore more of what Mandurah has to offer beyond the Giants.
  3. Local Spending: The overall economic injection of about $64 million highlights the Giants’ role in driving significant financial activity. This includes spending on accommodation, dining, entertainment, and other services, supporting local employment and business growth.

Community and Environmental Benefits

Beyond the direct economic impact, the Giants of Mandurah have also brought several community and environmental benefits:

  1. Enhanced Community Pride: The Giants have instilled a sense of pride among locals, showcasing Mandurah as a cultural and artistic hub. This has fostered a stronger community identity and a greater appreciation for the city’s natural beauty and artistic endeavors.
  2. Environmental Awareness: Thomas Dambo’s use of recycled materials to create the Giants emphasizes sustainability and environmental consciousness. This message resonates with both locals and visitors, promoting eco-friendly practices and a deeper respect for nature.
  3. Cultural Enrichment: The sculptures provide an accessible form of public art, encouraging people of all ages to engage with art and culture. This has helped to enhance the cultural landscape of Mandurah, making it a vibrant and dynamic place to live and visit.

Looking to the Future of the Giants

The success of the Giants of Mandurah underscores the potential for art and tourism to drive economic and social benefits. As Mandurah continues to attract visitors with its unique offerings, there are opportunities to expand and diversify its attractions, further cementing its reputation as a must-visit destination in Western Australia.

Future plans might include additional public art projects, expanded cultural events, and more infrastructure to support the growing number of tourists. By building on the success of the Giants, Mandurah can continue to thrive and offer enriching experiences for both residents and visitors.


The Giants of Mandurah have proven to be a monumental addition to the city, both literally and figuratively. By drawing nearly 86,000 visitors and generating around $64 million for the local economy, these sculptures have demonstrated the power of art to transform a community. As Mandurah basks in the glow of this success, it stands as a testament to the positive impact that creativity and innovation can have on a local economy and community spirit.